Artist Statement

My photographic artwork represents my personal perception of the landscape. I treat light as the subject and I use nature to demonstrate that light. This approach requires constant observation while in the field and an understanding of the nature of light itself.

From vision, to viewfinder, to software, to fine art print, I infuse my personal style into my work at each stage of the process. Remarkable detail, thoughtful composition, and a full range of contrast are my favorite tools that I utilize to create my expressive fine art prints.


Tim Herschbach Tim Herschbach grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and spent his childhood playing outdoors in the woods, fields, streams, and lakes. He became interested in art at a young age. Tim had dabbled in photography, from his first 110 film camera given to him by his first grade teacher, to the Minolta SLR he chose as a high school graduation present. However, it wasn't until December of 2009 that Tim discovered how the balance between art, technique, and the technology that drives modern photography mirrored his own interests. He decided to pursue digital photography, although he had no idea that his hobby would soon grow into a new career track as a professional artist.

Tim began scouring the internet, reading every book he could get his hands on, and watching countless hours of videos on subjects like composition and image processing. He submitted photos to be critiqued by professional photographers and attended workshops about light and vision. He took on voluntary photography projects at work and at his church and he picked up some small family portrait projects here and there for family and friends. With every photograph Tim created, he grew closer to being able to use photography as not just a way to capture a beautiful scene or subject, but as a viable method of communicating his vision, a fundamental principle of fine art.

In the summer of 2013, Tim Herschbach left his full time position as an IT specialist at a Houston television station and put his full devotion into his art career. He is currently selling his work online and at regional and national art shows.

Awards and Notable Exhibitions

Arts Fest Oklahoma 2013 Award of Excellence

The Gathering wins 2nd Place at Galveston Art League's February 2014 Juried Show

VAA 31st Open Juried Exhibition by Clint Willour (2014) - Guadalupe Sunrise and Pumpjacks .

Rockport Art Fest 2015 Best of Media

Rockport Art Fest 2016 Best of Media

Best in Show Pine Cathedral - Pearland Arts League 2016 Annual Juried Show - Patrick Palmer

Best in Show (Booth) - Transcontinental Art Fair 2017 - Temple, TX

Back Lot Gallery Solo Show "Exploring Yosemite & Death Valley" - Brenham, TX - Mar 2 to Apr 30 (2017)

Breckenridge Fine Arts Center Solo Show - Breckenridge, TX - Sept 19 to Nov 11 (2017)

Leaf On Bridalveil Creek wins 3rd Place at Pearland Art League's Fall 2017 Juried Show - Lori Betz

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Photographs of Tim Working in the Field

Tim Herschbach photographing
Resting on the hike back up from the depths of Bryce Canyon - 2014

Tim Herschbach photographing
Lined up shoulder to shoulder at Mesa Arch - 2014

Tim Herschbach photographing
Trying to stay dry at Proxy Falls - 2014

Tim Herschbach photographing
Trying to keep my feet dry in Guadalupe Mountains National Park - 2013

Tim Herschbach photographing
Sunset at Bandon Beach - 2014

Tim Herschbach photographing
Finding some foreground at Santa Elena Canyon- 2013

Tim Herschbach photographing
Bandon Beach - 2014

Tim Herschbach photographing
Admiring the view with dad at Canyon de Chelly - 2014

Tim Herschbach photographing
Abbie & me after sunrise at Study Butte - 2015

Tim Herschbach photographing
Waiting for sunrise at Glacier - 2015

Tim Herschbach photographing
Grand Canyon - 2015

Tim Herschbach photographing
Hiking around Arches - 2015

Tim Herschbach photographing
Using my make-shift view finder - 2014

Tim Herschbach photographing
Looking for a shot on the water at Lake Caddo - 2014

Tim Herschbach photographing
Seeing in black and white at White Sands - 2015

Tim Herschbach photographing
Far out at White Sands - 2015