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Monochrome - Rugged

My favorite photographs to create are of these big beautiful places - expanses of nothing, really. Although barren and dry, a feeling of hope can be found in the beautiful light and rich textures of rock and earth.

Monochrome - Alpine & Forest

Photographing light and shadow in the alpine country can lead to spectacular compositions. The way it rakes across the terrain can lead to many different approaches and possibilities.

Monochrome - Texas Forts & Missions

In February of 2014, I set out on a small project to photograph select forts and missions across Texas. Two aspects draw me to these structures. The first is the way the light enters these old rooms and bounces around, creating a "glow". The second is the natural age of these places. Many of them truly felt like sacred ground and it was an honor to work to represent them with my own eye and hand.

Color - Sunrise & Sunset

Photographing sunrise and sunset in color, for me, is the cherry on top of each of my trips. It isn't what I seek primarily, but every morning and evening is the bonus round. While I feel that monochrome is closest to my heart, it is a real delight to come home knowing I have a few great color landscapes that will look great printed on a big canvas.

Color - Soft Light

Soft light, either overcast or shade, brings out the true saturation and hue of the subject's color instead of depending on the warm tones of sunrise and sunset to paint the scene.

Color - Day & Night

For me, these are the most difficult to succeed at. The color daylight photographs are artistically challenging because of the harsh sunlight, and the night time photographs are technically challenging due to limitations of the camera. But I have managed to create a few over the years that many enjoy.

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